Ship better code, faster

Githaxs supercharges your CI/CD process saving you engineering time.

Githaxs is the fastest and most scalable CI/CD platform

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Performance Built-in

While you wait for other CI providers to spin up containers Githaxs will have completed every task.

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No Concurrency Limits

Githaxs scales to meet your demand. Need to run 1,000 jobs in parallel? No problem. We can do it.

Amazing features to make your work easier

99% Faster to Setup

Start running your favorite CI/CD tools in minutes. You don't need to read tutorials or guides - simply click a few buttons.

Performance Built-in

Docker layer caching, dependency caching, persisting files between workspaces - we handle it all so you don't need to worry about it.

Incredible Insights

How much does it cost to write a line of code? How much does code churn in your organization? Which repos have the most tech debt? We help you answer these questions and many more.

Limitless Scaling

There are no limits on the number of tasks that can be run in parallel. We scale to meet any demand and still return results quickly.


Our platform was built with security as a primary consideration. All jobs are run in ephemeral environments and you control your secrets.

Flexible Configuration

Githaxs provides the ultimate flexibility in configuration settings. Set/enforce standards across your organization or provide overrides for specific repos.

Try the CI/CD platform of the future, today.

In addition to making CI/CD workflows easier to setup, Githaxs also provides insights into your entire engineering organization.

Tools for the most popular programming languages

We support a wide variety of CI/CD tools and we are constantly adding more!

What our amazing customers
say about Githaxs

“Githaxs insights are going to be a huge contributor to productivity engineering's backlog. “

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Productivity Engineer @ Headspace

Try the CI/CD platform of the future, today.

Githaxs is the easiest CI/CD tool to setup. No config files. No troubleshooting. Just a few button clicks to get CI/CD on all of your repos!

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