We're Githaxs

We believe CI/CD should be easy. And it should just work.

If you needed to ship a package from NY to LA you would drop it off at FedEx or UPS. However, when it comes to software, companies invest time creating their own, and often times the same, delivery system.

We'e creating a platform where you can "drop off" your code and we handle the rest.


Githaxs is committed to providing the most reliable CI/CD platform to limit disruptions to our customers.


We are continuously adding new commonly used CI/CD tools to our platform.


Get results from CI tasks up to 3x faster than existing CI/CD platforms.

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Why we created Githaxs?

As a DevOps Engineer it is often our task to implement automation. But, we noticed we were implementing the same automation everywhere. At different companies. On different repositories. On different CI/CD platforms.

Wouldn't it be nice if these tools were readily available without needing to spend time to "automate" them?

We created Githaxs to automate the automation. To make the tools everyone uses available at the few clicks of a button.

Meet our team members

Our team is small - but extremely productive.

Gabe Levasseur
CEO & Co-Founder

We're backed by incredible Engineers.

Our values

Staying true to our values is imperative to achieve our mission as a company.

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Take novel approaches to solve existing problems.

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It is imperative that we do not block users' deployment pipelines.

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We are committed to our vision of making CI/CD easy for every company and the growth of our employees.

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Engineer Driven

This is a company for engineers by engineers.

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We rely on each person taking initiative to make the best decisions and actions.

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Making complex solutions is easy; making elegant ones is hard. Prefer simple and elegant solutions even if they take longer to develop.

Try the CI/CD platform of the future, today.

Githaxs is the easiest CI/CD tool to setup. No config files. No troubleshooting. Just a few button clicks to get CI/CD on all of your repos!

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